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Each year in Canada, more than 250,000 immigrants become permanent residents. These new residents contribute enormously to the growing Canadian community and economy. Without new immigrants, Canada would not have the cultural diversity or prosperity it exerts today.

Therefore the Canadian government is constantly updating its immigration policies in order to provide potential applicants around the world with the most open immigration policies amongst the western countries. 

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada, you can apply for temporary residency or permanent residency through various different programs. Successful permanent residency does not equal Canadian citizenship, but permanent residents have the same rights and obligations as any Canadian, including (but not limited to) health care, study and work privileges and protection under Canadian Law. Permanent residents cannot vote and do have physical residency obligations. After residing in Canada for a determined period of time, they can then apply for Canadian citizenship. 

At this time the following permanent residency immigration programs are available on the federal level. Do bear in mind that the rules and regulations for these programs change constantly. For further qualifications and up-to-date details, see  

1) Skilled Workers & Professionals
  • Have a valid job offer from a Canadian Employer OR
  • Have 1 year of continuous full-time paid work experience in at least 1 of the occupations identified by the Government
2) Canadian Experience Class
  • have at least 1 year full-time work experience in Canada
3) Family Class Sponsorship
  • Sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Sponsor can sponsor partner and dependent children ( no parents or grandparents)
Canada’s provinces also offer permanent residency programs. At this time British Columbia offers the following two programs. Again, be aware that the rules and regulations for these programs change constantly. For further qualifications and up-to-date details, see

1) Strategic Occupations 
British Columbia is looking for certain skilled workers, professionals and international graduates and currently also has a pilot-project on the go for entry-level and semi-skilled positions in the food processing, long-haul trucking and tourism/hospitality industries. 

2) Business Immigrants
If you are interested in managing and investing in a BC company, this program might be for you.

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